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Applications / Space saving

  • Detection of balancing microscopes in micron accuracy

    A optical device manufacturer with a large share of OEM products of well-known overseas optical manufacturers. A designer of the medical device department inquired us about "balancing" of microscopes for neurosurgery. More >

  • Realizes reduction in machine size and cost by eliminating the need for an intermediate actuator

    The client is an engineer with an equipment manufacturer. He consulted us on detection of screws in deep holes. More >

  • A replacement of proximity sensors allows narrow mounting intervals without causing mutual interference

    The client is an engineer with an industrial equipment manufacturer. He consulted us on “mutual interferences” during workpiece detection with proximity sensors. More >

  • The precision switch included in a ball plunger miniaturizes the equipment

    The client is a manufacturer of assembling equipments for automobiles. A representative of the design department inquired us about "indexing " using a ball plunger. More >

  • Eliminated the need for the intermediate actuator by replacing proximity sensors

    The client is a industrial device manufacturer. A representative of the production engineering department consulted us on "existence detection" of the engine part during assembling. More >