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Corrected thermal displacement of XY table in micron level

Semiconductor Industry

The client is a big semiconductor manufacturer who manufactures semiconductors for smartphones.
A representative of semiconductor inspection department consults on "correcting thermal displacement" of inspection table.

Client's Issues

The client used the inspecting table (XY table) and had a trouble with the gaps of the XY axes in micron level due to self-heating by aging.

The staring point by "photo micro sensors" is not sufficient to correct thermal displacement in micron level because of low repeatability, 10μm.

He did a search using keywords, "thermal displacement" "correction" and found Metrol's products and contact us.

The main focus of the issues

  • XY axes of tables deviate by few microns due to self-heating.
  • Photo micro sensors are not capable of accurate starting point.

Metrol's suggestions

Although photo sensors such as "photo micro sensors" or "photoelectric sensors" is suitable for presence detection, they are unsuitable for high-accuracy starting point.

Also, as the inspection table, the sensor causes temperature drift due to self-heating in its amp, and it cannot use the accuracy on the catalog specification.

Because Metrol’s "precision positioning switches" are precision mechanical type and does not use amp, it does not cause temperature drift and uses a stable repeatability of 1μm even after the three million-times use.

By attaching precision position switches directly to the X- and Y-axis edge faces of tables and setting the ON/OFF switching point as the starting point, the thermal displacement can be corrected in micron level.


  • Realization of correcting the thermal displacement in micron level for the X- and Y- axes by high-accuracy starting point.

Comment from Metrol representative

Using "Precision position switches" for starting point in driving makes it possible to drive the stage accurately on the XY tables with inexpensive pulse motors as well as tables with servo motors.

We have achieved remarkable cost reduction at a major semiconductor manufacturer.
Please feel free to contact us.

Marketing department staff

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